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The Boy Who Beat The Falls

Lady Morgana sent me an interesting story about a 7-year-old boy who went over Niagara Falls back in 1960, and survived. The survivor describes the experience of going over the falls as “total vertigo and the best way I can describe it is I was in a cloud — a cloud of mist. It was peaceful and totally uneventful.” Hmmmm… Excuse me while I add ‘Death By Niagara Falls’ to my list of potential suicide methods…

Anyway, here’s the full story if you’re interested:
When a 7-Year-Old Boy Beat the Falls


You know, I always watch those lame VH1 reality shows, but the one time I decide to boycott the show because I hate the main character (the loathsome “Megan” of “Megan Wants A Millionaire”), one of the contestants turns out to be a murderer. And now they’ve cancelled the show, and the other show that the guy is in too (“I Love Money 3”). Of all the rotten luck!