“My Brush With Morbidity” by Ty

Well, my brush wasn’t death affiliated, but it was awesome! Me, my girlfriend, cousin, and ex-friend (good reasons) were down at a place called ‘The Point’ – a stretch of road leading to a recreational park thing. We sat down there in my girlfriend’s car until we got bored and started to screw around. She started pulling out of the parking lot (pretending to leave us there). Well, we all jumped on the car and she started driving. She must have been doing about 20 when my ex-friend deciding to jump off halfway to the end of the stretch and lost his footing. His head hit the pavement and bounced. It sounded like a watermelon being dropped on the ground. We turned around and witnessed him having one hell of a seizure. Foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back, convulsing and blood, lots of blood! The only words he could manage were ‘Oh f*ck…. oh… fuck!’ It pretty much rocked! We live in a small town in PA, so it was in the newspaper. Oh, and unfortunately he’s ok.

Ty is a real philanthropist, can’t you tell?

More brushes can be found at the My Brush With Morbidity page and archives on The Asylum Eclectica.  If you have a morbid tale to tell, by all means send it to The Comtesse.

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