“My Brush With Morbidity” by Alex

“I love your site. I wander around the internet for hours looking for just the most random, off-the-wall, useless, and morbid stories and information. And, I would love it if you featured an article written about me and my family on your site:

Doctors delivered a healthy baby by Caesarean section early today within hours of the mother’s arrival at a Mississippi burn center for treatment of critical injuries. At the adjoining Firefighters Memorial Burn Center the mother, Sheryl Craft (24), was listed in critical but stable condition. Craft, her daughter, Alexandria (2), and the child’s grandfather, Curtis Beasley, were taken to the burn center following a Tuesday afternoon house explosion in Petal, a South Mississippi community. A spokeswoman at the burn center said Mrs. Craft apparently suffered no additional medical problems as a result of the delivery and was receiving treatment for her burns. Authorities in Petal said four members of the family were burned in an explosion, which was triggered by a propane gas leak, but despite the force of the blast, which completely destroyed the family’s home, no one was killed. Earl Ross Craft Jr. (4), was treated and released from the Forrest County General Hospital in Hattiesburg following the blast with only minor injuries. Craft’s daughter, Alexandria, received the worst injuries and remains in critical condition. The father recalls that ‘they have to give her medicine that paralyzes her to keep her from hurting herself.’ Her prognosis is undetermined but grim.

“I’m Alexandria. I’m 25 now. I was burned over 90% of my body, 50 percent of which is 2nd and 3rd degree, which are the kind that leave lasting scar tissue. I have internal injuries of the throat and have chronic respiratory conditions similar to asthma as most of my throat is covered in scar tissue. I’ve had over 65 major surgeries (including more than 100 separate procedures) with more planned in the future. I also had to have a procedure which involved scraping the burned skin off of my body with a razor blade (which occurred twice a day for two months following the fire. That was a blast and a half, I can tell you. Yay for selective amnesia!)

“They told my mother that I had sustained injuries that had killed fully grown firefighters, so they weren’t entirely sure how I managed to survive. They also said that I would never speak, that I would have brain damage, that my right hand would have to be amputated, and that I could very well be blind. I’m happy to say that none of that is true.”

A truly amazing story of survival and perseverance, Alex! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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