1. I saw this first thing in the morning and was all set to send it to you then I thought “Wait, let’s check and see if she’s already mentioned it.”
    White trash supremacist’s eyes were bigger than his stomach, apparently. Probably just wanted to stick it to the state one last time.

  2. I think this is wonderful news. I can’t wait until the other states follow suit. It would be one thing if the prisoner asked for something like just pizza, or just meat and potatoes, but these people are acting like their last meal has to be a smorgasbord!! This guy went way above and beyond by not even eating it. What an ass!

  3. I heard somewhere that a lot of times when you hear a whole long list of foods ordered for the last meal, the guy didn’t eat them all by himself, but shared them with his lawyers and/or family mmembers.

  4. @Jetti Kleeb So? There are entire books written about last meals and I, for one, find them incredibly fascinating. I was disappointed enough when Texas removed the last meals from their state website, but now? I mean, if they’re going to be barbaric enough to continue with the death penalty in the first place, the least they can do is keep it interesting for the rest of us!

  5. Comtesse,
    I do see your point, and I as well am a bit fascinated by what ends up on the menu of a barbaric murderer. Although I am usually sickened by what they get away with ordering. I just feel it’s a bit unfair for their victims, because they never had the opportunity (at least that we know of) to pick and choose what they would like to be included in their final buffet. Big picture: Budget cuts abound, things have gotten a bit out of hand. I think it’s fine if the prisoner is allowed to choose their final meal, just within reason. Not a little bit of italian, a little bit of asian, a little bit of ballpark fair, a country fried steak, some jello, and strawberry shortcake with a side of peach cobbler. Let them choose one entree, one side, and one dessert with the beverage of their choice.
    All that aside, my biggest fear is that they toss the death penalty all together, and go strictly with life in prison. Waste of money to keep the baddest of bad alive and well until nature takes its course. I’m also nauseated that prisoners are provided with superior health and dental care when there are hard working, law abiding citizens out here that can’t afford the same luxury.

  6. @Aimee
    So not only does the state have to pay for the execution, pay for the multiple appeals, and pay for the well-being of the prisoner pre-execution, they get to pay for the party that the condemned wants to throw with his family and legal team? Why can’t their family and legal team foot the bill, if their wanting so bad to celebrate the great life of this prisoner one last time?
    I’m sorry. I’m taking my stance assuming all prisoners on death row are guilty, and unfortunatly that’s not always the case. Remember what they say, though. Kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out.

  7. @Comtesse
    sorry, one more thought. If they really wanted to keep it interesting for the rest of us, they could go back to the old ways of electricution, hanging, or kripe! just draw and quarter them. I would find that far more interesting and appealing than their final meal. But that’s “cruel and unusual….” If we’re going to spend all of our tax dollars on these appeals, and we find without a shadow of doubt that the accused is guilty as sin, why is it cruel or unusual to match the execution with the crime?? If a guy went out and shot multiple people dead, then what’s wrong with death by firing squad for him? The accused didn’t think it was too cruel to commit murder in that way, what’s so unusual about being shot to death? And what about the multiple prisoners that raped and strangled their victims? Why would hanging be so cruel after he had done basicly the same thing to his victim?

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