The Long Arm Of The Law

What do you think of this snippet from CNN re. the porn star murder?

Montreal police are also investigating a website that hosted Magnotta’s chilling 10-minute video of Lin’s murder. The site could face criminal charges for publishing obscene material.

Considering it was the patrons of this site that identified the killer long before the police did, I think it is despicable that police would arrest the site owner. It also makes me nervous for myself considering some of the stuff I’ve posted in the past. I mean, I always thought I’d end up in prison someday, but not for my website!


  1. Your site is nothing comparable to that disturbing one. You are morbid not sick. In fact you are rather intellectual in your pursuit of morbidity and show a great deal of humanness and feeling. They don’t.

  2. Well, this case is very extreme: the video isn’t just a tasteless reenactment or simulation; a real man died. I don’t like the idea of the Internet being censored, but website operators really do need to self-monitor. I don’t know how that particular website worked, but somebody should definitely have been screening videos, and the minute they saw this one, they should have realized, “Uh oh, this is serious. And they should not have put it up for public viewing, warnings or no warnings. The video file or whatever it is should have been turned directly over to the police. If nothing else, that covers the operators’ asses.

    1. Aimee – remember, this video was uploaded to You Tube by the killer before it was shown on any gore site. It was simply reposted on other sites after the fact. And in fairness to the operator of the Best Gore website that is under investigation, he had put out a long introduction to the video stating his hesitation in putting it out there, but he did so because there is a brief image of the perpetrator at the end of the video and he thought that some of his viewers might be able to help identify him. And that’s exactly what happened. It was the viewers of Best Gore who immediately identified the killer as the “serial kitten killer” of You Tube infamy – and they also knew that the serial kitten killer was the porn star. If it wasn’t for the quick identification of the killer and the submission of this information to police, the killer might still be out there filming another, sicker video. The power of the internet to solve crimes should never be underestimated. It should be used more often, it should not be suppressed.

  3. I am so tired of some people not liking something on the Internet and immediately call for censorship. It’s a “knee-jerk” reaction. Emphasis on “jerk”.
    I still remember the mess with the 20/20 news show piece and something the Comtesse had on Asylum Eclectica.

  4. @Aimee But you can’t blame You Tube either! They just offer a forum for people to upload videos. There are thousands of videos uploaded every day – they can’t be expected to review the content of every video as they’re uploaded. (Nor would I want them to.) They just pull videos after they get complaints. And that takes a little while. The You Tube videos have been pulled. Of course, they keep getting uploaded again, but you can’t blame You Tube for that… It’s the nature of the internet. Once it’s out there, it’s out there forever.

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