Morbid Fact Du Jour for February 10, 2014

Today’s Odd, Violent, Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Suzanne Basso was an odd woman by any standard. Massively obese, she was obsessed with everything Irish, though she herself had no Irish blood at all. She spun fanciful stories about herself, such as claiming to be heiress to a Nova Scotia oil fortune. She also had a violent temper and was believed to have had something to do with the death of her husband Carmine Basso.

In 1997, Basso met Louis “Buddy” Musso in New Jersey. Musso was 59, and though he lived independently and worked at a local grocery store, he was mildly mentally retarded and was overly trusting. Basso had little trouble wooing Musso and despite the misgivings of his family and friends, he left New Jersey to travel to Texas with his new girlfriend in June of 1998, believing they would marry. ┬áBasso was more interested in Musso’s Social Security checks. She became his representative payee, meaning his checks went directly to her; she cut off all contact with Al Becker, a longtime friend of Musso’s who had been his payee for twenty years, and she dodged attempts by Becker and Musso’s niece to check up on his welfare. She also took out life insurance on Musso, with an extra payout to be received if he died through violent crime.

Suzanne Basso and her victim, Buddy Musso.

Suzanne Basso and her victim, Buddy Musso.

Through all this, Musso lived in squalor with Basso and her grown son, James O’Malley, whom it is widely suspected she was having a sexual relationship with. They, along with friend Bernice Ahrens, her son Craig, daughter Hope, and Hope’s fiance Terence Singleton, regularly tortured Musso. He was forced to sit or kneel for hours on a plastic mat, and if he tried to move out of position he was kicked with steel-toed boots, beaten, stomped or burned with cigarettes.

On August 25, 1998, Musso received an especially severe beating, with the overweight Basso jumping on him while he was on all fours. Musso asked for somebody to call an ambulance. Instead, his six tormentors bathed him using a solution of bleach and Pine-Sol and a wire brush. He died during this “bath.” ┬áMusso’s body was dumped in a ditch outside Houston, Texas and was found a couple of days later. Every inch of his body was bruised, cut or burned; the medical examiner could not determine which had been the fatal injury. Even his palms and soles were bruised, and he’d suffered a hinge skull fracture, broken ribs, whip marks and burns that appeared to come from a cigarette or a hot poker.

Basso was sentenced to death and was executed by lethal injection on February 5, 2014. she was 59 years old, the same age as her victim.

Culled From: Murderpedia
Submitted by: Aimee

We can argue over whether or not putting Suzanne Basso to death is justice for the death of Buddy Musso, but few would disagree that nothing could ever be adequate retribution for what Musso went through before his death. – Aimee


  1. While it is easy to condemn the actions of Suzanne Basso, you must realize that for 17 years, she was in a family that lived physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse on a daily basis. Both her mother and step-father were the perpetrators . Love was never a word used or practiced in her home. There were seven siblings, and although Suzanne had the greatest impact, they all had varying degrees of problems from such an upbringing. The step-father died in 1969, but the mother died three days after Suzanne. She never felt she did anything wrong, right up until her death. All she wanted was to be on the news. She wanted the world to feel sorry for her when she was half of the problem. No one will ever know the terror and horror that we lived because when you hear abuse, you think of being hit other than the bottom. The abuse was far worse than that. It left physical, emotional and psychological scars that even time cannot diminish.

    1. Awww,so now we are suppose to feel compassion and empathy for this Monster?I my self received emotional,physical and mental abuse with abandonment as well from both parents.I have not ever abused my daughter,mother,or any animals that I took in that needed my help.Get real.There is no punishment that I can conjure that level of abuse and torture.I wonder if your reaction would be swayed if you also had been the subject of someones rage and abuse.

    2. This story was horrifying, that poor man. Your comment was as equally horrifying? There is not an one justifiable excuse for the pain and abuse she caused. The whole group should have been executed, better yet they should have received the same or worse torture as their victim before being executed!!!!!!!!!!

    3. ummmm, that sill doesn’t make what she did excusable.
      Lots of people endure abuse, of a kinds, and don’t go on to maliciously, heartlessly, and disgustingly torture and mruder othe people.

  2. I am so sickened by this story it makes every inch of my skin crawl. Coming from tremendous horrors of emotional, mental and sexual violence, you can NEVER become numb by the horrors of others and what they have endured at the hands of people who ARE devoid, disconnected and sadists. I came from a background that should have brought me to a institution for the rest of my life but it did not. I do not claim that I am some great person but I felt such devastation by my childhood violence that I could NOT and would NOT do onto others have as they have done to me. So in response to Ms Price comments about Suzanne, she made a conscious choice on some level to lash out on others in an attempt to ease her own personal suffering at the hands of her family. I DO NOT have contact with my family. I am alone and when I did decide to leave my family on April 19th 2006, it was the scariest and hardest thing to do. However, at this time it is THE best decision I ever made. Granted they were the only family I knew but my safety on every level was in dire dire straits to the point where if I did stay with them I would have either killed myself or they would have killed me especially my mother.

    Pain, suffering, trauma or any horror of any kind is NOT an excuse but it does give some history, some background information in understanding how and why someone could do the things they do. Pain fuels every act of malice and brutality known to exist. Love does not fuel it. When we are damaged or traumatized by people and events in our life especially in our early life where we are THE MOST vulnerable and impressionable, it leaves a enormous mark on a person psyche that the pave the way for all sorts of violence. It is the mind’s way of working out its pain and it is largely unconscious. So as people we must have an outlet to express our feelings for we are NOT made to robots and stoic. As a human being we are physically and emotionally vulnerable and there is nothing we can do to change that. It IS our makeup as a human being!!!

  3. If the liberals had got their way, she would have been out of prison and on welfare. They have no problem at all with killing babies, yet have tons of compassion for cold blooded murderers and will do all they can to save THEM! Messed up!

    1. Seriously? It’s the Conservatives who want reduced sentences for rpe and child abuse and other forms of torture, so that there is more room in prison for people who have the wrong skin color or are poor. So disgustingly messed up…

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