Morbid Fact Du Jour for December 25, 2014

Today’s Pathogenic Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Many of the worst human diseases were created by proximity to animals. Cattle provided the pathogen pool with tuberculosis and viral poxes like smallpox. Pigs and ducks gave humans their influenzas, while horses brought rhinoviruses and hence the common cold. Measles, which still kills a million children a year, is the result of rinderpest (canine distemper) jumping between dogs or cattle and humans. Moreover, cats, dogs, ducks, hens, mice, rats, and reptiles carry bacteria like Salmonella, leading to often fatal human infections; water polluted with animal faeces also spreads polio, cholera, typhoid, viral hepatitis, whooping cough and diptheria.

Culled from: The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity

Oh, so it’s the HORSE that gives us the common cold?  I never did trust horses – not since they kicked me in the chin and bit my back when I was a child.  Seems like I had very good reason. Hmmph.



Here’s another shocking article from the Chico (California) Courant newspaper, originally published on December 9, 1865, showing the institutionalized genocide of our forebears.

Chico Courant (Chico, California)
Saturday, December 9, 1865


CAUGHT THE DEVILS. – The Humboldt Register gives an account of the routing of the gang, and killing of over fifty of the red devils who murdered Ballew on the Humboldt road.  According to the Register’s account, Lieut. Osmer is entitled to promotion, and his men to a medal each for their bravery and tact in ferreting out the Indians and wiping them out when found.  The Indians were found 100 miles north-west of Dun Glen, and did not discover the approach of the soldiers until within two miles of their camp.  Lieut. Osmer’s command, was, “Come on, boys!” and they pitched in without any “red tape,” and with an energy irresistible.  The Indians were well armed.  One soldier, named David O’Connell was killed, and two painfully wounded.  A portion of the plunder taken from Ballew’s wagon was recovered.  Lieut. Osmer and his command may redeem the character of the regular army for Indian hunters.  Pitch in and wipe out the last vestige of the red rascals.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair

More of our Racist past can be seen at Garretdom.


Fetus Du Jour!

And now, the moment many of you have been waiting for: the final installment of Fetus Du Jour. Here’s the last of the 1930s fetuses that I photographed at the Museum of Science and Industry. And he’s the most miserable looking of the lot.  Which only goes to support my theory: the closer you get to being born, the more miserable you become! Non-existence Is Bliss!  I think I need to make a shirt with that on it…

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