Morbid Fact Du Jour for August 10, 2016

Today’s Foul-Smelling Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

The Dover Torso Murder case began in the last week of July of 1984. Dover, Delaware resident William Shipley, 64, worked as the kitchen manager for a senior-citizens’ center called Modern Maturity (which is still going strong) and lived with his wife Christie, 46. Christie Shipley had been a police officer in Baltimore and now worked as a guard at the Women’s Correctional Institution in Claymont, Delaware. The couple had been married, unhappily, for 13 years.

When William Shipley failed to come to work, his colleagues asked his wife about him, and she said he had abandoned her, as he had eight times previously. She added that she was planning to move out of their home and into a trailer in the trailer park they owned, and asked a friend four some empty boxes to pack her things in.

In early August, two people jogging along a rural road near Dover found what they believed to be an animal carcass wrapped in plastic trash bags. Police were called and agreed that the foul-smelling object was a dead animal and transported it to the dump. A day or so later, a maintenance worker at a nearby apartment complex found a cardboard box near the dumpster. When he opened it, he was dismayed to find a human head, also wrapped in a trash bag. Police were called and, putting two and two together, hurriedly retrieved the “dead animal” from the dump, and this time ascertained that it was a human torso. The torso and head were determined to have come from the same middle-aged white male, who had died from a single gunshot wound to the back of his neck.

Eventually, the body was identified as William Shipley, and Christie was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after a blood-soaked mattress and other evidence was found at her home. Her husband’s .38 revolver and a meat saw given to him by his professional butcher son were never recovered. A few months later, human leg and foot bones were found along another roadside near Dover, and these were also found to be Shipley’s remains. His hands were never found.

Christie Shipley was found guilty of killing her husband in May 1987 and was sent to prison for life. She ended up at the same prison where she’d worked as a guard.

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I was only a little girl at the time of this case, but I vividly recall hearing the gory details on the local news. – Aimee


Beautiful Anatomical Theaters

Some of the most beautiful morbid spaces are the old dissection/operating theaters of times past. Here is an excellent collection of some of the best.  I’ve been to the Indiana Medical History Museum and it was awe-inducing in its simple Midwestern way.  I highly recommend that museum if you’re ever in Indianapolis.

The Indiana Medical History Museum theater.

The Most Beautiful Anatomical Theaters

Thanks to Mike Marano for the link.

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