Morbid Fact Du Jour For October 11, 2016

Ernest Hemingway shot himself to escape his inner demons. Deeply depressed, Hemingway had tried electroshock therapy at the Mayo Clinic before he returned to his home and, ignoring his title A Farewell to Arms, used a shotgun to end his life. Family history was to repeat itself when granddaughter Margeaux Hemingway committed suicide many years later. (Her death was less violent – an overdose of pills.)

Ernest Hemingway and His Gun

The Tragically Doomed Margeaux

Culled from: The Big Sleep: True Tales and Twisted Trivia About Death


Creep Du Jour!

Perhaps you’ve heard the story that is all the rage on the World Wide Web today, about a creepy You Tube video entitled “Hi Walter I have a new girlfriend”?  Well, it seems that a girl depicted in this video (which was originally posted in 2009) bears a strong resemblance to a girl who actually disappeared around the same time and the police are now investigating the legitimacy of the video.  Although the original You Tube link was deleted earlier today, you can watch the video at the link below.  So, what do you think?  Real or fake? I vote Fake But Creepy because the guy is such a terrible actor… but then again, maybe he’s just a crazy person? Sometimes there’s a fine line between the two, after all.   Check out the Reddit forums (linked in the article below) too – interesting discussion.

Is This Horrifying You Tube Video Linked to the Disappearance of a Teenage Girl?

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