Morbid Fact Du Jour For February 1, 2017

Today’s Careless Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Mine Inspector’s Report




JOSIAH HALL, Mine Inspector.

ACCIDENT No. 16.– January 17th. Louis Hart, by his own carelessness, lost his life while riding up in the skip from the 5th level in No. 5 shaft, at the Baltic Mine. Louis Hart and four miners got into the skip at noon hour to go to surface from the 5th level. Hart was sitting on the northwest corner of the skip. John Norpe, one of the miners, told him to get into the skip, he was in danger sitting there. Hart said: “I am all right.” When they were hoisted to the fourth level, Hart’s head was caught under the timber of the gate piece. John Morpe saw Hart falling off the skip and caught him by the leg and called to stop the skip, and they put him in the skip and brought him to surface. Arthur Caldwell said: “I am a timberman in the Baltic Mine. Louis Hart has been working with me about three months. I have often warned him about riding on the edge of the skip and compelled him to get into the skip for I considered it dangerous to ride on the edge.”

Frank Hart, Jr. a brother of Louis, was present and heard the statements of the men who were riding in the skip with his brother when he was killed, and requested that no inquest be held as it was not necessary.

The oft-doomed fellows at Michigan’s Baltic Mine.

Culled from: Some Fatal Accidents in the Atlantic, Baltic, Champion, Trimountain and Winona Copper Mines

I’m not really sure what killed Louis… it sounds like they stopped him from falling?  I’m guessing head trauma?  Not a very good report, Mine Inspector Josiah Hall!


Ghastly!  Spotty Edition

Illustration culled from one of the newest additions to The Library Eclectica: The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration.

“The head of a child with blisters and other lesions affecting the skin.”

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