Morbid Fact Du Jour for September 24, 2017

Today’s Leathery Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Let’s have another jolly story of Christian Martyrdom from the classic of the genre, Fox’s Book of Martyrs (1848).  This incident allegedly occurred during the Seventh Persecution, under Decius in A. D. 249:

Julian, a native of Cilicia, as we are informed by St. Chrysostom, was seized upon for being a christian. He was put into a leather bag, together with a number of serpents and scorpions, and in that condition thrown into the sea.

Don’t you just love that there’s an illustration for this one? 

Culled from: Fox’s Book of Martyrs
Generously suggested by: Louise

Irma’s Baby Blue Gift

The hurricanes in the south have been horrible for the people and animals that live there, of course. But there is one upside for the morbidly minded: your chances of finding a beautifully dressed corpse reclining in a coffin in your front yard increases exponentially! Such as this one that was discovered after Irma passed through the Florida Keys:

“Somewhere on Big Pine Key’s Avenue B, a casket lay popped open, its lid filled with water and a long-time occupant still inside, dressed in a baby blue suit. 

“By mid-week, workmen were busy using cranes to right fallen mausoleums at the Dean Lopez funeral home’s Memorial Garden of the Keys across the highway from where the corpse was found. Doors to mausoleum drawers were missing or broken and the grounds were covered in crushed tree limbs.

“A man who identified himself as an employee of the funeral home confirmed that the coffin with its unidentified blue-suited remains had originated in one of the cemetery’s granite mausoleum drawers. It’s now back in its proper resting place.”

It Was Supposed To Be His Final Resting Place. Then Hurricane Irma Struck the Keys.

The Miami-Herald censored the photograph, but diligent morbid enthusiast Jim L. Bussey II hunted them down on Facebook so you can see the stunning suit in all its moldy glory.  Has to be from the 70’s, right?

I’d think it was a Halloween decoration if I didn’t know better.  Actually… I think I know what my Halloween costume is going to be this year! If I can find a baby blue suit, that is… 

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