Morbid Fact Du Jour for January 1, 2018

Today’s Special Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Barent Becker, a farmer living in Mayfield, New York, grew tired of his wife Ann and disposed of her by following an age-old tradition. Becker prepared his specialty, stewed tomatoes, and served it to her loaded with enough arsenic to annihilate a regiment. She consumed the dish with relish and promptly died. 

The farmer confessed and was hanged October 6, 1815, after he delivered a maudlin farewell to his relatives from the gallows. A special hymn, which Becker had composed, was sung. 

Culled from: Bloodletters and Badmen

Sadly, I couldn’t locate the text of Becker’s farewell speech or his hymn.  Probably was crap though, right?  And, isn’t Barent Becker a great name?


A Weird New Year!

I wish you all a Morbidly Mirthful New Year!  One of my sort-of-resolutions is to try to actually send out a Morbid Fact Du Jour every jour in 2018.  Do you think I will succeed?  Only time shall tell…  

Hey, look, I’m 1/1! 

And here is a lovely collection of some of the strangest New Year’s cards.  Let’s all hope for lots of (good) strangeness in 2018!

Pigs, Bugs, and Magic Mushrooms (Vermont Deadline)

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