Luck Runs Out At The Bellham Apts.

The Bellham Apartments (4100-4106 N. Hamlin Ave.) is a 3-story 28-unit apartment building in Chicago's Northwest West Walker neighborhood built in 1927.
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  Children have had both good and bad luck here over the years.  In 1956, little Lorraine Durham was a very lucky girl:

Child Falls 3 Floors and Lands Uninjured

A physician reported yesterday that Lorraine Durham, 23 months, or 2752 Lincoln av., apparently suffered no serious injury when she fell from a third floor window of the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Durham, at 4100 N. Hamlin av.  The child's fall was broken when she struck the head and shoulders of Judy Zorehkey, 14, also of 4100 N. Hamlin, who was not injured.
(Chicago Daily Tribune, May 13, 1956)
Bellham Apartments Front Doorway
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  However, two years later, luck ran out for little Donald Schroeder:


A 2 year old boy was found strangled yesterday by a guard rope which his father had installed to keep him from falling from his bunk bed in their home at 4100 N. Hamlin av. Donald Schroeder was found on his knees beside the bed with his head caught below the edge of the mattress.  The guard rope was caught below his chin.  The child's mother, Nancy, 27, summoned a physician, who pronounced the boy dead. The boy's father, John, 31, told police he installed the rope after the boy had fallen several times.  The boy's sister, Caryn, 3, was asleep in the upper bunk bed and a brother, Cary, 1, was in a crib in the same room.
(Chicago Daily Tribune, January 29, 1958)

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