The Jekyll and Hyde Club

The Jekyll and Hyde Club (New York City, New York)

Recommended by Burleyque: “The Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York is aimed at kids, but its still very morbid, decorated with rotting skeletons, specimens, framed anatomical and insect drawings, talking gargoyles, ghostly widows, TVs playing old b&w scary movies and a bar on every floor for adults to ‘get into the spirit’ (and they’re watched over by deceased bartender ‘Max Gorey’ : “He served Dr. Jekyll and his companions for years, mixing such potent drinks as the ‘Cerebral Hemorrhage’ and the ‘Spine Smasher’. Max perished in an unfortunate blender accident. In the words of club member Lucifer Garrotte, ‘Max was a good bartender, but he was a great Daiquiri.'”  It’s the kind of sick place I’d take my kids if I had any, and I’d take my friends kids just to try and corrupt them.”

Apparently the same company has a couple of other bars in the city and a dance club.


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