Palace of Wonders / Red Palace

Palace Of Wonders / Red Palace (Washington, D.C.)
Anna recommends this bar: “Palace of Wonders is a new bar that opened up in DC. The theme is sideshow. I had the wonderful privilege of attending the grand opening last weekend and seeing a man eat a light bulb, sword swallowers and many other sideshow acts. The upstairs is a museum of authentic oddities from the early sideshows. Things in jars, weird animals medical weirdness all amassed by a man named James Taylor. If you’re hungry they actually serve carnival food, popcorn, nachos and corndogs. For anyone ever visiting Washington D.C., I highly recommend this place!”



Playland Not-At-The-Beach (El Cerrito, California)
Recommended by Riley: “If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss this new nonprofit attraction. We loved it, and were sorry to leave at closing time. Fortunately I live in the area. It has lots of scary-creepy sideshow monsters and freaks of nature, and a terrific ‘Slayland at the Beach’ model diorama, of about 8 windows, with lights and moving parts. Even better if clowns scare you. Regular admission is $15.00 but you can play pinball and many carnival games for free. There were many games I never heard of, although I’ve been to San Francisco’s Musee Mechanique. One 3-D pinball room is dark, and you appear to float on a many layered floor. There are spider-women and other creepy images, and a mummy in a case. This place has a lot of association with Anton LaVey, as he lived near and loved Playland and the Sutro Baths, as well as working at carnivals that have featured exhibits, such as Sells-Floto. Don’t forget your camera – there are no restrictions on photos.”