Fort Concho

Fort Concho (San Angelo, Texas)

Shana writes to tell me of this old frontier fort: “My father does a lot of volunteer work at the Fort here….It’s called Fort Concho. It’s the oldest in Texas. I just got back from a visit there. I think you would LOVE this place. My family and I spent the night over, and although nothing major happened, we saw chairs that were out of place, noises coming down the stairs, and a rug that turned over. For $174 a night you can stay in a real barracks that has had many sightings of the girl that passed away in there. Even if you see nothing, it is BEAUTIFUL inside….rock walls, wood tables, even the bed spreads are from the 40s…. even a cool old spinning wheel that freaked me out.” Sounds like a good night to me!

Fort Robinson

Fort Robinson (Crawford, Nebraska)

Fort Robinson is another of the many sad, sickening places in the Plains where Native Americans were fucked over royally. Here’s a nice description of the fort from Liz, who recommended it: “You may be interested in a mildly morbid place called Fort Robinson, which is 30 minutes west of my home town. This is the place where Dull Knife and his people escaped the US Cavalry, only to be re-captured and sent to Ft. Sill, and also where Crazy Horse was murdered.”
The land of the free, indeed…