The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

The Tunnels Of Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)

I don’t know how morbid this spot really is, since I haven’t investigated it fully, but underground tours in themselves are kind of creepy, don’t you think? And since one of the underground tours is about the Chinese Experience in Moose Jaw, I tend to think there’s probably some skeletons in Moose Jaw’s closets. The other tour is on Al Capone and the Chicago Connection. Sounds interesting, except for the fact that animatronics characters are used for the tour (but I have been assured this is NOT as hokey as it sounds). Also, the website is great! (Special thanks to Heather for the link/suggestion.)

MsSideshow has been to The Tunnels as well, and has the following to say: “I have gone through the Capone Tunnels in Moose Jaw and it’s interesting, but not morbid. They do go through some of the gory gangster tails, depending on the age of the audience, but like I said, not morbid. The Passage to Fortune is supposed to be very depressing with tales of how the Chinese were starving and other such disturbing things. (I did not have the time to see the Passage to Fortune, but a friend of mine did and told me about it.) Not a bad way to spend $20 if you’re in the neighborhood.”

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Site

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Site (Chicago, Illinois)
Although the original bullet-pocked brick warehouse was sadly demolished in the 1960’s (some people have no sense of HISTORY), the site of the biggest mob hit in history is allegedly haunted and worth a visit. The garage was located at 2122 North Clark Street and the area is now marked by a fenced lawn and five trees. The center tree marks the area where Bugs Moran’s men met their deaths.