Dublin Ghost Bus Tour

Dublin Ghost Bus Tour (Dublin, Ireland)

“You’ll see haunted houses, learn of Dracula’s Dublin origins and we’ll even throw in a crash course in body-snatching.” Sounds like a fun night out to me! (Link suggested by Joe Callis.)

This is also recommended by Kate: “I went on the Ghostbus tour of Dublin and it was genuinely frightening (but funny as well). I would recommend it to anyone who visits or lives in Dublin.”

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles, California)

From Urban Daddy:  “Half the hotels in Los Angeles claim to be haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, but this is the only one with a view of the Tropicana Bar and Pool. Bonus: the spirit of Monty Clift is known to hold court around Room 928. And nothing is scarier than undead method actors…”

Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone (New Orleans, Louisiana)

From Urban Daddy:  “According to legend, the spirit of a lost child haunts the 14th floor (actually the 13th). Locked doors open on their own. Elevators stop at nonexistent floors. Mints mysteriously show up on pillows. Okay, that’s probably housekeeping.”  I’m impressed that the hotel is so proud of their hauntings that they even have a page dedicated to them on their website.  Bravo!   (Thanks to Anne for the suggestion.)

Driskill Hotel

Driskill Hotel (Austin, Texas)

An allegedly quite haunted hotel in Austin.  From Urban Daddy: “Thanks to the ‘suicide brides’ urban legend—two women allegedly committed suicide in the same bathroom 20 years apart to the day—room 525 had been closed and bricked up for years. But now, it’s open for Halloween season—you know, if you’re feeling romantic.”  Thanks to Anne for the suggestion.

Here’s some more information on the alleged hauntings of the hotel: Austin Ghost Tours.

Ghost Tours of Québec

Ghost Tours of Québec (Québec City, Québec, Canada)

Eva writes to let me know of a pair of compelling sounding tours being offered in Quebec City, Canada:
“I write, first of all, to boast about a theatrical production and guided tours will I am currently working for. It is Ghost tours of Québec, followed by the Witchcraft on Trial, which both are currently being presented at Québec, at the Petit Champlain.
“When the settlers arrived in the colony of New France, they thought the had left beind a Europe strife with accusations of witchcraft, and the terror as the Inquisition … Little did they know , it, had followed them to the shores of Quebec. In 1661, more then 30 years before the Salem witch trials, a colonist was forced to face charges of witchcraft and heresy.
“As for the Ghost Tours of Quebec, it is a nightly tour that lasts 90 minutes. On the tour, we bring you in the most gruesome sites of Quebec, and share the 300 years of strange murders and executions, ghostly tragedies, and hauntings…… And we finish by entering one of Quebecs most haunted buildings, The Cathedral of the Saint Trinity.
“Ghost tours of Quebec have been featured on programs like Creepy Canada for CTV Travel, OLN and Discovery Channel, BBC Kids, CBC Radio, Mystery Hunters, and more.. It cost $17.50 for adults, $15 for seniors and students, and free for children under 10.”

Hatch City Cemetery

Hatch City Cemetery (Hatch, Utah)

Val suggests this site: “Hatch, Utah – where life is short and the cemeteries haunted.
Go up to Hatch cemetery, where you will find the entire cemetery, save three or four people, is under the age of fifteen. I would assume epidemic of some kind, but this goes on from the 1800s all the way up to the eighties. Here is the find a grave listings for Hatch. Look at it and you will see it is true. They are almost all children. There is one family that lost their children, if I recall, all at the same time, at an inn. I believe it was a fire that took their lives, but I am not sure. Of interest to me is the grave of infant tourist, whose grave only reads “Infant Tourist C-BOK. “