Museo de las Momias

Museo de las Momias (Guanajuato, Mexico)

The Guanajuato mummies were discovered in a cemetery of a town named Guanajuato northwest of Mexico City (near Léon). They are accidental modern mummies and were literally “dug up” between the years 1896 and 1958 when a local law required relatives to pay a kind of grave tax. You could pay the tax once (170 pesos) and be done with it; this option may have appealed to wealthier individuals. But you were also allowed to pay a yearly fee (20 pesos); this would have appealed to less wealthy families. However, if the relatives could not pay this yearly tax for three years, the body (which had, by the way, become accidentally mummified) was dug up from the cemetery and (if the fee still wasn’t paid) placed on display in El museo de las momias. This is definitely a MORBID MUST-SEE!! (Special thanks to Cheryl for the link/suggestion.)

Stuckie: The Petrified Dog

Stuckie: The Petrified Dog (Waycross, Georgia)
Back in the ’60’s, a dog went a-huntin’ and climbed up a tree and never came back down again. Years later, the petrified corpse of the dog was found stuck in the hollow tree. Now, thanks to the good people at “Southern Forest World,” you too can see the doomed doggie, which has been lovingly named “Stuckie”. I know you’re booking a flight to Georgia this instant, aren’t you?
Thes-P-N submits a photograph of Stuckie, for those of you who can’t make it to Waycross in the near future.
Stuckie: The Petrified Dog


The Thing?

The Thing? (Dragoon, Arizona)
The Whitakers recommends this interesting little tourist trap: “I grew up near here and would highly recommend that any of your readers that are traveling in the southern Arizona area stop in. Located 50 miles east of Tucson on I-10. Even without its main attraction, a very well preserved mummified Indian woman with her infant, its worth the entry price. The priceless matchlock rifle is worth admission alone.”