Fort Robinson

Fort Robinson (Crawford, Nebraska)

Fort Robinson is another of the many sad, sickening places in the Plains where Native Americans were fucked over royally. Here’s a nice description of the fort from Liz, who recommended it: “You may be interested in a mildly morbid place called Fort Robinson, which is 30 minutes west of my home town. This is the place where Dull Knife and his people escaped the US Cavalry, only to be re-captured and sent to Ft. Sill, and also where Crazy Horse was murdered.”
The land of the free, indeed…


Massacre Rocks

Massacre Rocks State Park (American Falls, Idaho)
“Gate of Death and Devil’s Gate were names given to this area during the Oregon Trail period. These names referred to a narrow break in the rocks through which the trail passed. Emigrants apparently feared that Indians might be waiting in ambush. Diaries record a series of skirmishes between the Shoshone Indians and emigrants on August 9 and 10, 1862. Ten emigrants died in the fight, which involved four wagon trains. The skirmishes took place east of the park and not at Devil’s Gate as commonly believed. Some confrontations may have occurred there, but they remain unverified.”
Sounds like a fun, historic site to visit!
(Thanks to HB for the link.)