Alexander Hamilton Death Rock

Alexander Hamilton Death Rock (Weehawken, New Jersey)

From Roadside America: “Near a picturesque cliff along the Hudson River, overlooking the island of Manhattan, Aaron Burr did battle with Alexander Hamilton. The date was July 12, 1804. The actual rock ‘on which rested the head of Alexander Hamilton’ after he was mortally wounded is the base of the monument. Turned out that while Hamilton was (as noted on the stone) a ‘Patriot, Soldier, Statesman, and Jurist,’ Burr was a guy from Newark with more pistol practice. Perched atop the Rock of Death is, appropriately, a bronze head of Alexander Hamilton.”

Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, Michigan)

Who would have guessed that the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan would be the home of such incredible morbid goodies as the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre, the limousine that JFK was riding in when he was assassinated in Dallas, and Thomas Edison’s last breath? Certainly not I, but it’s now on my “Must Visit” list! (Thanks to Scott for the suggestion.)