Destiny Tours

Destiny Tours (Sydney, Australia)

Fleury Nicola sends this site: “I discovered this website about tours of Sydney, Australia in ‘haunted hearses’ (one of which has leopard print seats!). The tours take you through the most haunted places in Sydney (houses, jails etc) as well as places where other morbid things have happened including ‘crime scenes, sites of suicide, sex, suffering and scandal’. I haven’t actually been on this tour but if anyone morbid is visiting Sydney it’s well worth checking it out. As they say ‘don’t leave the best ride of your life till last’.”

Dublin Ghost Bus Tour

Dublin Ghost Bus Tour (Dublin, Ireland)

“You’ll see haunted houses, learn of Dracula’s Dublin origins and we’ll even throw in a crash course in body-snatching.” Sounds like a fun night out to me! (Link suggested by Joe Callis.)

This is also recommended by Kate: “I went on the Ghostbus tour of Dublin and it was genuinely frightening (but funny as well). I would recommend it to anyone who visits or lives in Dublin.”

Ghostly Walks (Victoria)

Ghostly Walks (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Recommended by Soox: “I just got back from a trip to Victoria BC and was pleased to discover a wonderfully morbid treat while I was there: the nightly Ghostly Walk tour. Who would imagine that such a picturesque little town as Victoria is as amazingly haunted as it is? For an hour and a half we trailed our guide through the streets, learning tales of love gone wrong and horrible horrible murders from Victoria’s steamy past. You can get something of an idea of the tour at their website, discover the past. For the most part, I was somewhat creeped out by the stories, but was skeptical about the presence of ghosts in the area, at least currently. However, at the end of the tour we went into a building that even the guide was uncomfortable with entering, and while we sat around the room listening to the stories of hauntings that had occurred there (no one knows why the place is so haunted), I began to feel a tingly, uneasy sensation on the side of my neck and my ear on the side of me facing the door into the room where most of the activity occurs. My girlfriend, sitting next to me, felt a similar sensation on her neck and shoulder on the side facing away from me. She thinks that something came up behind us and put its hands on our shoulders. Whether we actually had a brush with a ghost or not, the stories and places on the tour were fascinating and I certainly recommend the tours if you should find yourself on the west coast of Canada looking for something to do.”

Ghost Tours of Québec

Ghost Tours of Québec (Québec City, Québec, Canada)

Eva writes to let me know of a pair of compelling sounding tours being offered in Quebec City, Canada:
“I write, first of all, to boast about a theatrical production and guided tours will I am currently working for. It is Ghost tours of Québec, followed by the Witchcraft on Trial, which both are currently being presented at Québec, at the Petit Champlain.
“When the settlers arrived in the colony of New France, they thought the had left beind a Europe strife with accusations of witchcraft, and the terror as the Inquisition … Little did they know , it, had followed them to the shores of Quebec. In 1661, more then 30 years before the Salem witch trials, a colonist was forced to face charges of witchcraft and heresy.
“As for the Ghost Tours of Quebec, it is a nightly tour that lasts 90 minutes. On the tour, we bring you in the most gruesome sites of Quebec, and share the 300 years of strange murders and executions, ghostly tragedies, and hauntings…… And we finish by entering one of Quebecs most haunted buildings, The Cathedral of the Saint Trinity.
“Ghost tours of Quebec have been featured on programs like Creepy Canada for CTV Travel, OLN and Discovery Channel, BBC Kids, CBC Radio, Mystery Hunters, and more.. It cost $17.50 for adults, $15 for seniors and students, and free for children under 10.”

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

The Tunnels Of Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)

I don’t know how morbid this spot really is, since I haven’t investigated it fully, but underground tours in themselves are kind of creepy, don’t you think? And since one of the underground tours is about the Chinese Experience in Moose Jaw, I tend to think there’s probably some skeletons in Moose Jaw’s closets. The other tour is on Al Capone and the Chicago Connection. Sounds interesting, except for the fact that animatronics characters are used for the tour (but I have been assured this is NOT as hokey as it sounds). Also, the website is great! (Special thanks to Heather for the link/suggestion.)

MsSideshow has been to The Tunnels as well, and has the following to say: “I have gone through the Capone Tunnels in Moose Jaw and it’s interesting, but not morbid. They do go through some of the gory gangster tails, depending on the age of the audience, but like I said, not morbid. The Passage to Fortune is supposed to be very depressing with tales of how the Chinese were starving and other such disturbing things. (I did not have the time to see the Passage to Fortune, but a friend of mine did and told me about it.) Not a bad way to spend $20 if you’re in the neighborhood.”