Witch History Museum

Witch History Museum (Salem, Massachusetts)

“The untold stories of 1692 told through an historically accurate live presentation followed by a guided tour downstairs where you will walk thru the forest, meet Tituba in Rev. Parris’s kitchen, visit Old Salem Village and view 15 life size scenes depicting these stories. These and many other stories of Which Times are revealed at the Witch History Museum.” (Thanks to The Mourner for the suggestion.)


Salem Witch Dungeon

Salem Witch Dungeon (Salem, Massachusetts)

“The mood is set from the moment you enter the Witch Dungeon Museum. You are there – in Salem Village in 1692, and you are guaranteed a unique educational experience with a chill or two. You’ll experience the acclaimed performace of a Witch trial adapted from the 1692 historical transcripts. Professional actresses in repertory reenact the electrifying scene.”   Or so the website says…