MFDJ 04/17/24: The Madcap Laughs

Today’s Madly Laughing Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Normally Thomas Boise was only a common drunk whose antics in Wood County, West Va. served to annoy local residents. One night in 1864, however, Boise, while in the company of Mortimore Gibbony and Daniel Grogran, drank himself into a rage and, following a chance remark, shot Abram Deem, a local farmer.

The three men were tried; Gibbony escaped. Boise and Grogan were scheduled to hang in Parkersburg, West Va., but a curious problem developed. Each prisoner argued passionately with the sheriff that the other should be hanged first. The sheriff attempted to hang them both at the same time but the rope broke. Grogan, yelling he had a right to watch Boise die, was then hanged first while his partner laughed madly. Gibbony was apprehended later and hanged.

Culled from: Bloodletters and Badmen


Car Crash Du Jour!

One of my favorite books is Car Crashes and Other Sad Stories by Anaheim photographer Mell Kilpatrick. It’s a collection of car crash photos from the 40’s and 50’s, often with corpses still strewn across the enormous interior (or out of it, since there were no seat belts in those days). It combines my love of old cars with my love of morbidity and is the perfect ambulance chaser book!

Los Alamitos & 17th, 2 fatals

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